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We are one of the most renowned and popular Climbing Gym Madison, here you will get a lot more than a workout opportunity, we provide a place to find the inner strength and share it with other adventure-seekers having a fun-filled environment. We have the largest indoor rock climbing areas. The climbing area includes the main wall, bouldering wall, and bouldering cave that includes around 10000-11000 square feet of sculpted, three-dimensional climbing surface with various challenging and changing climbing routes.

What will You Get in Our Climbing Gym Madison?

We have a complete package for you, whether you are a beginner or an expert climber, we have different plans and activities for all age groups of people, some of these includes:

Climbing Classes:

We provide climbing classes to beginners, according to our experts a dedicated beginner needs 4 weeks to become an experienced climber with us, as we take it as an opportunity to train you and to improve your techniques of climbing and we are sure having trained with us you will definitely become more fluid and efficient climber within few days. 

We provide different types of climbing classes that involve categories of beginner, Advanced Beginner, Bouldering, Lead Climbing & Belaying, and Junior Climbing.  

We Offer Boulders Climbing Gym Madison 

Open Climb:

There are times when you think to opt for an adventure and climbing is the best in this list. So we have an open climb session in which you can take part with your group of friends enjoying 1 hour of climbing under the guidance of our experienced instructors. It is important to note that in open climbing you get certified instructions before you start it. You need to reserve the seats for the number of people you are going with, at least two members are mandatory. For climbing activities, we provide a harness and shoe to the climbers that are included in the climbing cost. 

Private Climbing Lessons:

If you really want to learn climbing you can opt for private climbing lessons in which Climbing Gym Madison provide a personal instructor who gives special attention to teach you proper climbing lessons, he guides with everything like the appropriate techniques and challenges that you need to conquer, along with helping you to learn the smallest and sharp lessons of climbing.

Non-Member Private Lessons:

If you do not want to take a membership with us you can even enjoy the climbing activities being a non-member, as we provide full access to non-members as well on the day of their lesson. This includes access to all group classes, the cardio and strength training equipment, indoor running track, basketball courts, and swimming pool. If you enjoy a day with us becoming a non-member you can become belay-certified to take a private lesson.

Take A Tour of The Climbing Wall 

If you are thinking of taking a tour of the climbing wall before becoming a member of our Climbing Gym Madison, we are welcoming you to explore the main climbing wall, the bouldering wall, and the climbing cave. While surfing you can witness hundreds of people who are enjoying their climbing adventure with excitement and fun. 

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Virtual Tour:

We also provide virtual tours to people who are extremely excited to see the climbing walls and caves. Interested people just need to contact us and we will provide them a slot to take them on a virtual tour, in this, you can witness hundred d of people climbing live from anywhere and after this, if you find it interesting and satisfactory you can have a membership with us to enjoy the adventurous climbing ride with us. 

Belay Certification For Members of Climbing Gym Madison

The belay certification is basically classes for members of the Climbing Gym Madison, in belay classes our instructors teach each member about things that they need to do before and while climbing, this includes, how to safely control the ropes of their partners while climbing, how to tie climbing knots properly, communication commands and several other important things. Every member needs to take these classes on a must basis so that they can enjoy their adventurous climbing carefully. 

Why We for Your Climbing Journey?

We are one the best Climbing Gym Madison, we have started our climbing gym years back and since then we are providing the best and safe climbing to climbers who feel extremely comfortable to grow their inner strength and to achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner or an expert climber we have everything for you. It is our main goal to provide the best climbing experience to our climbers having fun and becoming an inspiration for other climbers. We have a large area having different and awesome places to climb and to keep things fresh and challenging for climbers of any age group. 

So if you want to start your journey as a fresh climber or you are an expert climber we urge you to see our climbing spot as we are sure that you will definitely love it, so call us today and we will be there to welcome you with the bag full of exciting and adventurous climbing. 

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